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What we do 2

What We Do

As the commercial arm of Crewestone Technologies, Cynergy Media Group is 

committed solely to the development and production of cutting edge multimedia content.

Our full-time staff of producers, directors, editors, videographers, and graphic artists have 

vast experience, spanning many years, in high resolution film and video production.


Our Approach

We take your idea from concept to conclusion with style, professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail. It's the hallmark of our company.

We tell your story.

In this modern age, we understand there are a multitude of mediums to get your message heard. We bring your story to life and distribute it to your audience by leveraging all of these outlets, spanning broadcast and internet environments in a cost effective manner.

During pre-production, your ideas, goals and objectives are put on the table where we work with you to visualize the story you want to tell.  We creatively organize your story, developing a plan and a script, the road map that will bring your story to life.


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Our crew of professionals capture the elements that make up your story.  Our productions are scalable, operating everything from a one person crew shooting footage, all the way up to multiperson crews of 10 or more, capable of shutting down city streets to capture a scene.

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Virginia Film and Video Production


This is where the magic happens and your story truly comes to life.  Our highly experienced editing team brings all the pieces together into a clear picture;

your message, your story.

Virginia Film and Video Production


Our Work

View our collection of our stories come to life.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Our work is varied, covering a wide swath of industries.  Below are several examples meant to show you how we inspired, educated, or informed audiences.  

To see more of our work, check out our YouTube Page.  


Our Clients
We've worked with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and startups.  

We can scale your project to match your needs.

Ready To Begin?

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